At 2[g] Habitats our employees and subcontractors are our most valuable assets. We are fully dedicated to protecting the safety and health of everyone that works on our projects. Compliance with requirements of regulatory agencies is secondary to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for 2[g] Habitats employees and subcontractors. In all endeavors, safety is a top priority of the company’s business.

An effective safety program must have the endorsement of upper management. At 2[g] Habitats, safety is valued as highly as quality and productivity. The management of 2[g] Habitats realizes that performing a job safely is just as important as meeting a deadline and providing a quality product. In turn, a safe workplace leads to greater productivity and quality craftsmanship.

An effective safety program must also have the involvement and commitment of all employees and subcontractors. Everyone shares the responsibilities of the safety team by following safe practices on and off the job and assisting their fellow employees in promoting safety and good health practices.

While there are inherent risks that can be found on the jobsite, the goal of 2[g] Habitats Safety Program is to establish a culture of safety awareness among everyone that encounters one of our work sites. To meet this objective, all levels of the organization must work together towards identifying, evaluating and eliminating the hazards that can be found on a project site

Striving to meet the goals of accident prevention and risk management will always be a top priority of 2[g] Habitats. The benefits of working toward these goals will be reflected upon our organization, our clients and, most importantly, the health and safety of our employees and subcontractors.

We want everyone to go home safe to their families every night.

Samuel Graham
President & Founder
2[g] Habitats, LLC