Making Life Better.

For over ten years we have been committed to making life better for our customers, our vendors and our employees in the DFW metroplex. It is a commitment we do not take lightly and one that we have worked tirelessly to fulfill each and every day.

We love not only the homes we have built, but also the friendships we have made along the way. We cannot thank our customers enough for the trust you all have put in us to help you build your dream homes over the years – you have had some amazing dreams!

Currently, 2g Habitats is finishing up the last contracted builds in our pipeline and at this point we are no longer taking on any new build clients.

Now it is time for us to make life better for our family. Our family is at an age where we have a limited amount of time to really do some once in a lifetime activities and we are going to seize these moments while we can.

2g Habitats was founded on the premiss that when we were on our deathbeds, we did not want any regrets. We had no idea if we could create a successful homebuilding company, but we tried and we think we achieved our goal and we have no regrets.

Now our family wants to take a year to really invest in some quality memories with our daughters while we can. It is not lost on us that as they get older they will want to spend more time with friends than their parents. We did not want to have any regrets later in life about whether we should have started a homebuilding company and we most certainly do not want regrets about whether we should have backed off work to create more memories with my children.

2g Habitats will build again, we are just pushing the pause button on the build side for one year. This was a difficult decision as the homebuilding industry is at an all time peak which is good for revenue, but we cannot do everything and family has to come first. No regrets.

Our countertop division – Countertops 101, will continue to make life better for our customers as our team works tirelessly to give you the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. In fact, as we take this year and travel with our family we are looking to grow Countertops 101’s footprint throughout the Western US in addition to the many cities we already serve in TX, CO, ID and OK.

If you are not aware that we have a sister company, we encourage you to visit:

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years! We hope that this decision continues to make life better and inspires others to put family first and live with no regrets.


2g Habitats
December 2019