Are You Productive or Just Busy?

Have you noticed that every time you meetin someone and you ask, “How is it going?” you get the same answer – “Busy.”

It is like you have to say “Busy.” If you don’t say your busy I think that on some self conscious level you feel that you will not measure up. Our society is obessed with being busy. That is all you hear.

“We are so busy.”

“Work is crazy busy.”

“Busy, busy, busy”

That is all I ever here. I am actually quite tired of it. First off just because you are busy does not mean you are productive. I meet lots of people who are super busy, but really don’t produce that many results. Who cares how busy you are if you are truly productive.

Why can’t we say, I did three things today that truly moved the needle. The rest of the time I reflected on how to be more effective with my time so I am not so busy, but instead productive.

I think our society needs to move past being busy for status sake and focus on what really matters in life – family, friends, relationships. We are so busy and so stressed we are missing out on life.

The next person that asks me how things are going, I am going to say, ” I am focusing on being more productive.” That is my goal for July 2014. I am only going to focus on truly value added activities. I am not going to let my family time be stolen by non value added activities.

What about you? Are you truly productive…. I mean really productive? Or just busy???