What We Do

Residential Homebuilding

For over 10 years 2g Habitats founder has been building luxury homes in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. From mediterranean to modern, 2g Habitats has built an extensive portfolio of homes that are each uniquely designed to make life better for the families that live there.

Commercial Construction

In 2015, 2g Habitats took on its first commercial project with a client that believed in us enough to not let us back out (which we tried to do a few times.) Since then we have been fortunate to complete several commercial projects that make life better for their customers each and every day!

Window Coverings

To better serve our customers, 2g Habitats has decided to create a window covering division in 2020. Over the years our team has been asked to provide window coverings more times than we can count. We are very excited to offer blinds, shutters and shades for homeowners and businesses throughout DFW.

Construction Process

  • Stage 1 – Preconstruction
  • Stage 2 – Foundation
  • Stage 3 – Frame
  • Stage 4 – Mechanicals

During the preconstruction phase is when all the behind the scenes work is being performed including: Architectural Plans, Plot Plans, Budgeting, Design Selections, Contracts, Team Meetings, and Permits. While at times it may seem like nothing is happening at this stage, this is one of the most important stages of construction as it details how your new home will come together.

This is when the lot is prepared and graded, forms are set, all plumbing grounds are completed and the concrete is poured. Your foundation is the single most important aspect of your home. During this stage city and engineer inspections will be completed to ensure your foundations integrity.

Now your home will begin to take shape. One day there will just be a slab and the next you will have the beginnings of a home! During the frame stage all of your walls, joists, rafters, beams and roof will be completed providing what will be the skeleton for your new home. This is when you will begin to get a feel for your new home’s layout.

Your major mechanical systems are installed once your home is dried in. These include electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. This is a key time as the majority of your design selections will need to be completed to keep construction on schedule. This is also a critical point in time as numerous inspections will be performed – both municipal and 3rd party.

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